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A Non-Profit Organization Devoted To The Advancement Of Aviation Education, Homebuilt Aircraft, and Private Aviation
Dedicated in the memory of John Blouch, Garland Wadsworth, Curt DeBaun and Tom Flock

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Sunday 10th of December 2023

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Something New & Exciting for the Chapter
November 1st, 2023 2:24 pm     A+ | a-
Chapter 83 is transitioning away from both MailChimp and GroupWorks. 
We have now stopped using GroupWorks.

All GroupWorks addresses have been ported over to a new system.

For a while, we will continue to send news this way, via MailChimp, in the format you’ve seen for the last decade. We’ll also send the same items via the new EAA-endorsed tool, “Our Chapter.” We want to make sure we get the use of OurChapter down pat before giving up on what we’ve used for so long, so please bear with us through the duplicates!

If you see a message from this sender in your inbox:

EAA 83 - OurChapter.

that’s us, using the new platform! (Many of you have already seen and opened some of these messages!)
So why the change?  OurChapter is more than eMail—it also manages membership records, finances, dues, meetings, and events. It can send out SMS messages for quick news flashes.  You can create your own secure log-in to update your contact information and check on your dues. It also interfaces with EAA membership records; you can view your EAA membership, training courses and YE background checks. In the near future, it will facilitate secure Chapter 83 forum discussions.
If you’d only like to see Chapter 83 news, you don’t need to do anything! You’re already subscribed!
If you’re a chapter member, we’d love for you to create your own login to OurChapter, and here’s the link:
Log into and check out the site.
The temptation will be to click on the Chapter 83 logo, but in order to sign up for your log-in, go to the toolbar (upper right corner) and choose “Sign Up”. It will ask for name, email, cell phone (optional) and then ask you to verify you’re telling the truth about that. Use the same email address this message came to and fill out the screen—voila! All there is to it! (No mention of indemnification on this site!)
When you log in and check your profile, you can enter more complete contact info—address, ratings, EAA member number, etc.  Your profile info is visible to Chapter 83 admins, but not wider than that.
If you’re a member, be sure to take a peek at your “Dues Paid Through” info. 

Please give this a try!  It will simplify our chapter process and allow for information to be distributed from one consolidated site and allow for each member to review their data and credentialing for status, Young Eagles etc.

We are working through the details so if you have problems please call me at 812-208-0817 and I will help you resolve any issues you encounter.
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